Monday, October 11, 2010

Misc Monday


Yesterday was the hubby's birthday. I would love to tell you he's old...but since I am older than him...I can't. :) Rather than have a birthday party, which I would have loved to throw him, he wanted to go diving. And dive we did! We got together with 4 other diving friends and hit the water together. It was a lot of fun. I think I can honestly say that I like diving in lakes-there isn't much to see and the fish that are in there are tiny. Right up my alley. :)


My mother in law has a cute little Pomeranian puppy, which I affectionately call "my kitten". You know your dog is too small when it growls and barks at a cat in the yard,and it doesn't even flinch. The best part is when your mom picks up the puppy and says, "let's go get that cat,Lexi" and then proceeds to carry the puppy while chasing the cat around the you mom. :)


On our way to our scuba diving spot yesterday, I got a text from Jackie asking where exactly we we're going. We're in the middle of no where (otherwise referred to as Florence) so directions are a definite plus, but obscure at best. I asked Jim Jackie's question and he went into this ten minute long turn by turn explanation. I realized that there was A) no way I was going to remember that whole thing and B) no way even if I did that I would be able to send it to her in anything less than 10 texts. She ended up calling me (I took too long trying to figure out what I should tell her) and asked me the same question. Out of everything that the hubs said all I got from it and all that I told her was, "he gave me a ten minute spiel and said something about some turns, a bridge, and some water"...yeah like that would direct anyone to the right spot...


Apparently the "dry clean only" tag on your clothes is not a suggestion or a guideline, its just the simple truth. I found out by washing my purple pea coat and hang drying I have 3/4 sleeves!! :( The bad news is that 3/4 sleeves won't cut it in the winter here in Oregon. The good news is that I get a new coat! :)

I hope you have a fantastic day and a great start to your week! :)

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