Monday, October 18, 2010

Misc. Monday

Good morning and welcome to Miscellany Monday!!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Love & Marriage

First thing this morning I want to wish my parents a VERY happy anniversary!! Today is their 30th wedding anniversary!! Hooray and congratulations!! :) Thanks for being such great examples of what a great and lasting marriage looks like! :) I love you both! 


Well, attempt number 2 for changing out my clothing for the different seasons has gone pretty much like the first attempt. The day that my hubby pulled my tub-o-clothes out of storage ended up being a fairly warm day. This time, however, I just sucked it up and swapped it all out anyways. I don't think my hubby would pull it out for an attempt #3! lol Fall clothes here I come "weather" you are ready for it or not! (I seriously crack myself up!! :) )


Be sure that the cap on your water bottle is closed before tightening the lid...otherwise water will go all over you and the office kitchen...its the little things that get ya! :)

Texting texting during church bad if you are texting about something church related? If so, then I am terrible, but if not then I was only momentarily distracted...I'll let you decide :)

I hope today is a great start to your week!! :)