Monday, October 25, 2010

Misc Monday

Jeggings vs Leggings

Wearing leggings that look like jeans causes confusion. I think there is a difference between leggings that look like jeans and jeans that look like leggings (jeggings). I wore leggings that looked like jeans to church and spent the whole time explaining the difference to people. :) They aren't actually denim. So...what is your opinion?? :)

The New Accessory...go with it ;)

Bruises make great accessories. Bruises typically are viewed as ugly discolorations of the skin, but I say you can enhance them. Simply take glittery chapstick (or something similar) and put it on it and voilĂ ! Instant accessory. They are going to be all the rage...just wait and see. Yes, sadly these are the things my mind conjures up when I let my mind run rampant.


If you are okay making a complete fool of yourself (as i am), I strongly urge you to buy or play the game Quelf (found at Walmart). It's a great party game and it will have you laughing throughout the whole game. :) think charades, cranium, and scattergories all combined into one game :) Oh, yes, fun times for all! :)

A New Week

So, after a terrible week last week, I had a perfect weekend with hubs and our friends. I was able to forget about all the work junk and just enjoy myself and the people I was with. I am going into this week with a clean slate and hopes for an uneventful week. :)

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