Monday, November 01, 2010

Misc. Monday

Scuba Diving

I have my very own BCD (Buoyancy Compensator) as of last night. Its the main piece of gear you need in order to scuba dive. Its not pink, but it has pretty little details. :) Kinda excited-not as excited as my hubby is though! lol Its cute! :)


I took my nephew trick-or-treating on Saturday. He was the cutest little tiger you have ever seen (we kept getting stopped so people could tell us). He was a lot of fun and was a trouper. He carried his bag all by himself for an hour and a half before he finally let me hold it for him. I'm not sure what he was afraid of...that I would take his candy?? ;)

T.V. and Haunted Houses

We went to a haunted house thing on Saturday night...kind of. I'm not sure if you watch Extreme Home Makeover, but they were in Salem some weeks ago and made over the school for the deaf and did their haunted house (that is a fundraiser every year). We didn't actually ever get out of the car though. The line was insane!! It was a two hour wait (in the rain) just to reach the gate and who knows how long the wait was after that. So, we didn't end up actually going through it, but we drove on by and went to Applebees where its dry and warm and had our own fun there. Next year we'll hit the haunted house. :)


I have to say that some of the kids who come to the door are the cutes things I have ever seen. Some, on the other hand, are annoying and rude. I had one kid tell me over and over again that he wanted nerds, give him the nerds, he wanted nerds, and so on...he didn't get nerds. I did still give him candy though. I love the kids who were polite and were excited to get whatever you gave them. One kid freaked out over something I handed him and could NOT contain his excitement. He was the highlight of my night! :) Thanks to the parents who teach their children to be polite when going door to door asking for candy. :)

Happy first of November! I am really excited for everything that is coming up! :)

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