Monday, November 15, 2010

Misc Monday

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I have decided I am horrible with pictures, either I don't take them, or they never get uploaded. And if I don't take them with my phone they don't tend to make it anywhere at all. Sigh. I have so many pics to get off of my camera. I find this very, very sad.


You know you are tired wash your face with your moisturizer. When you figure out your folly, you fix it by washing your face with face wash, but then grab the face wash instead of moisturizer and apply it like moisturizer. This was my Friday evening.


I stayed at a hotel this weekend for a women's retreat (so wonderful!!). Rather than use the elevator (it took forever since there were so many women trying to use it at the same time) I took the stairs instead. Let me just say, just because you know the door to the stairwell is towards the end of the hall does not mean it is actually at the end of the hall. Look for a little window on the door. Its usually a good indicator that you found the right door. Thank goodness for locked doors and I am sorry to whomever the room belonged to that I tried to break into. :)

Coast and Shopping

Nothing beats a weekend at the coast with wonderful women, new friends, old friends, and an outlet mall. Oh yesss! I had so much fun getting to know so many new people and spending wonderful quality time with friends I already had. This weekend was relaxing and enjoyable! Exactly what I needed (especially since I will be at the Harry Potter premier later this week!!). I am sure I will be posting pics of all the wonderful items I found (and for killer prices)! :)

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