Monday, December 27, 2010

Misc. Monday

Good morning and welcome to Miscellany Monday-Christmas edition! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and are on your way to recovery just in time for New Years! :)


This was little puppy, Lexi's, first Christmas! I don't know who was more excited about the gifts, us or her! She ran of with a couple of my smaller gifts, played with all the wrapping paper, and did a great job on opening her own gifts! It was really a lot of fun to watch!


I had a migraine the whole weekend, but I didn't let it put a damper on my Christmas. I was just a little bit slower doing, well, everything. The hubs was really great taking care of me. :) I am definitely blessed to have him.


Okay, so here is where my blondness came in (you knew I couldn't go the whole weekend incident free right?). So, last week at church they were talking about which services would be canceled due to Christmas. I was certain they said no church on (this) Sunday because of Christmas and I thought, "sweet! I get to sleep in!" So, I did. And then I got a text around 9am (when church typically starts) asking if I was coming or not. I freaked out! Apparently what they had said was that there wasn't any church on Saturday because it was Christmas. I felt horrible that I skipped out of teaching my Sunday school class. Next time I will double check with someone if it sounds not right.


I had a blast watching my two and a half year old nephew open his gifts. He would say "thank you" the entire time he was opening them up. :) He loved everything he got! I think one of my favorite things this Christmas was holding my other nephew for three or four hours straight. I don't get to hold him often or for very long just because that's the way it's been working out, so it was especially nice to have that aunt/nephew time. :)

How was your Christmas? What was your favorite part?