Monday, December 20, 2010

Miscellany Monday!

Good morning! Welcome to Miscellany Monday! Let the countdown begin for the final days until Christmas! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Well, we officially hit he beach on Saturday...and when I say we I mean only four of us were smart enough to stay out of the water (well, mostly anyways. I'll explain more tomorrow).  The kids (and I include the hubs in that group) had a lot of fun and are ready for round two believe it or not!

Final Details

I just have a few more things to do in order to be ready for Christmas. At least I can say that my Christmas cards are all mailed out! :)


Now is about the time that,if I was serious when I mentioned making blankets for our niece and nephews for their birthdays, I need to get cracking. Our nephew, Brandon's, birthday is fast approaching and I haven't started it at all yet! :)


Did I mention yet that I am going to be in Seattle for New Years with Jackie?? She surprised me and is taking me for my birthday! I am really excited because 1) I've never been before and 2) we don't typically do anything for New Years. Neither of our hubs can come on the same weekend so it's a girl's weekend! I am pretty excited and can't wait to go! :)

I hope you are ready for Christmas or are like me and just have a few more things to do! :)
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