Monday, January 10, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Welcome to Miscellany Monday!!

Raise the...vehicle?

You know you've raised your vehicle too high...when you have to climb all the way down just to drop mail off at the mailbox, but I have to say its entertaining to watch. :)

Dear shopping,
Thank you for being present this weekend with great sales and cute clothes. You made this birthday super fun and definitely made up for the poor shopping experience I had in Seattle. Thank you and I am no longer upset with you. 

Our nephew, Logan, spent the night on Friday. It was the cutest thing, we opened the door and he was trailing his Mom with his rolling suitcase in tow. :) It was an adorable sight to see. :) I think the suitcase was bigger than him!


So, Thursday was my 29th birthday. It turned out pretty nice. Aside from the "you're getting old" comments from the hubs and my brother, no one else gave me  a hard time for turning a year old (thank goodness!). Thursday we went out to dinner with the family. It was a lot of fun. My nephews were cracking me up, so that always makes the night that much better. 

Saturday morning/afternoon my mom (in-law) took me to Eugene (hello, big mall!) and we shopped...I would say until we dropped, but we are pros and we don't drop, but we shopped until we ran out of stores to go in. Then she took me out to lunch at a cute little cafe. After that we went to the bead was pretty cool. I bought more beads to make some bracelets and earrings. Don't worry. I'll post pics once I make them. :)

Saturday night the hubs and I met some friends after church for frozen yogurt (my fave!) and then went and saw a movie. It was a lot of fun with new and old friends alike!
Overall it was a great birthday! :)

I hope your week is off to a great start!!
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