Monday, March 28, 2011

Misc. Monday!

Good morning! I am so exhausted, but my coffee is seeing me through the morning. I hope your Monday is off to a great start...and welcome to...

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Weekend in a nutshell

We made it California and back this weekend...all in one piece {although there was that one time that I almost killed us, but since it was "almost" it's not important...minor details}. We had so much fun seeing our friends and family. Of course the main reason for our trip-the wedding! Beautiful! I am so glad we were able to go! The hubs looked super dapper in his tux!! Hott {just sayin'}!! The lovely bride {that I finally got to meet} and her wonderful hubby are on their way to China! We were lucky enough to drive them to the San Francisco airport. It was great to spend so much extra time with them. Awesome couple! So blessed to have them as friends.


After spending the small amount of time that we had available with my nephew, I have to say that if we lived closer, I would do a post a week just on he funny things he says! That kid cracks me up!! For

He came with us as we were running some errands and we got to talking about his birthday.

Me: Did you know that we have the SAME birthday?!
B: Are you 6 too?
Me: Heck yes I am! :)
Me: Not really. I'm 29
B: Oh.
Me: That's when you say, "aunt Natalie, that's young!"
B: I didn't say that. My lips were shut!

So, I Almost Killed Us

Driving overnight is tough. I haven't felt old until this past Friday. I was able to stay up the entire trip to California {we left at 6pm Friday and got there at 8:30am Saturday}. But, I almost got us killed. Ahem. A big rig had either it's brights on or just seriously bright lights on the truck-either way I.could.see.nothing. NOTHING. I yelled out {something like "Ahhh!!! I can't seeeee!!!"}, slammed on my breaks, and swerved. Let's just say...I didn't end up driving for much longer on the way there. I think I scared ten years off the hubby! Whoops!

A Friendly Hello

Since we were up at the airport in San Francisco at the very last minute { we were driving and trying to figure out which freeway to take}, we decided to swing by Santa Rosa {where we lived before Oregon} and surprise my girl friend and her kids with a quick stop and hello. To say the kids were surprised was understatement. Let's just say there was a lot of screaming going on. It was super cute. I am so glad we were able to stop and see them even if it wasn't planned or for very long. :) Nothing beats any amount of time with friends!

Need Your Help

My friend, Jill, over at Made it on Monday is competing in So You Think You're Crafty...and she needs your votes! :) Of course this is where it gets tricky. I can't tell you which craft is hers. Sad, huh? BUT a vote is a vote! So head on over HERE and cast your vote. You get one vote, so choose wisely. :)

How was your weekend?!

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