Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday...and we're off!

One more day until the weekend! To help pass the time I offer you another round of Awkward & Awesome with the lovely and ever hilarious, Sydney, from The Daybook!


~Going to frozen yogurt with your group of awesome high schoolers and while in the middle of a conversation the {adorable} girl to your left starts rubbing your earlobe. Then she tells you that your earlobe is really soft. Um...I love you, girlie, but totally caught me off guard. I can honestly say that I have never had anyone touch my earlobes! :)

~Waiting for your hubby in the break room at his work while he is still out on the floor and having someone you don't know look at you like you aren't supposed to be there {because they don't know you}. Rather than stay in there where you are allowed to be, but they don't know it, you go and peruse the shoes until your hubby comes and finds you so that you can go back into the break room with him as your escort.

~Going to the movies and before going into the theater you and a friend use the restroom {because we are women and we go in packs}. When you come out, you find out that the boys are already inside. You walk and talk and get the end of the building before one of you asks which theater you are supposed to be in. You see the title for your movie above the door and go to open it. Then you see the time. Definitely not your theater. Turns out your movie was playing in theater #1 and you are at like #11. You and your friend do the "walk of shame" and sit down.

~Your washer taking 4 hours {count 'em...4} to finish washing your clothes. Not so much awkward as annoying, but I felt I needed to share that with you. :)

~Sleeping in the car during your 12 hour drive to California {yep, we're still driving...}


~Finding out you have really soft earlobes

~Spending a fun time with your group of high school girls, not once, but twice in one week!

~Going to a wedding

~Cleaning your car out and finding 43 books in there...oh yeah! Who's happy?! This girl!!

~Your 2 year old nephew you calling you up on the phone to go with him to feed the ducks...and then him not believing that you really are at work and can't go...and him letting you know that the ducks won't bite you because you're too big. He's so cute! Talk about making an Aunt feel loved! :)

~Your hubby seeing you in the dress you are wearing this weekend...and telling you how hot you look {his words}. Priceless.

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