Monday, April 04, 2011

Misc. Monday!

Good morning! Welcome to...

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Its one of  "those" mornings that makes me super thankful for coffee, so grab a cup and pull up a chair, and lets chat! :)


Its official! We are making the move to Salem! Everything we do {minus the Hub's job} is up in Salem, so we are already up there about 7 days a week. I am up there 7 days a week {for sure!!} at least once a day. So basically I am tired of all the driving. :) Plus, all our friends and students are up there. We are both super excited. Now we just have to find our new home. I have started looking and we already have two possible places. We are praying about those two places though. One is small and the other is at the cap of our we don't want to jump into either one of them. I absolutely hate moving! So, while I am excited about being closer to everything and everyone, I am not looking forward to anything else in the moving process...I'll keep you posted! :)


I love birthdays! Anyone who knows me can attest! :) So, I was super excited to help celebrate my friend, Jeanette's birthday last night! It was a great time with friends and chance to catch up and just hang out together. Today is her actual birthday, so happy birthday girlie!! :)


So, I am thinking about starting an etsy shop. There are about seven {HUGE} maybes in there though. Not that I have seven major reasons, but I just like the number. I am just not 100% sure. The Hubs is a huge fan of the idea and said {and I quote...hence the quotation marks}, "I am 100% in favor of that idea and think its the best idea you've ever had!" Best idea, huh? Hmm...hehe! I think the best idea I ever had was saying "yes" when he proposed, but then again, that's just me. So...what do you think?? If you have/had an etsy shop is there anything I need to know?


I went shopping with Jackie this Saturday. We had so much fun! I have to say that Old Navy, I apologize. You are no longer on my "I'm so mad because your clearance section is horrible that I hate you" list. I found two great buys! :) One I love more than the rest, but you will just have to wait and see what it is! :)

Round Two

My friend, Jill over at Made it on Monday has made it through to round two on So You Think You're Crafty! So, head on over and vote for your favorite {and maybe, just maybe you'll vote for her project!! :) }! Happy voting! :)

How was your weekend?!

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