Monday, April 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Good after Easter morning! I hope you had a fabulous time with family yesterday!! :) Welcome to Miscellany Monday...let's get this show on the road! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Friday night I was informed by the Hubs that I was not allowed to pack on my own...for two reasons. 1) I packed us up the last time we moved just about all by myself and my hubby didn't want to see that happen again 2) apparently I am a horrible packer! Granted, I get distracted by thing super easy. Super easy, my friends!

 Also, as it turns out, I am a perfectionist/OCD packer. I was informed that a packing job that might take an hour or two tends to take me 8 hours because every item I pack has to go into the "perfect" box with "just the right stuff." Sadly, I can't deny any of this.

Oh, I was also re-informed that when we move I am still not allowed to use a hammer. I tend to put a few (or literally at least 10) holes in the walls when trying to hang pictures. Whoever said a level was easy to use lied...or isn't a self proclaimed blonde. Take your pick.


Nephews are the best {unless you are reading this and happen to be my niece...then YOU are the best}!! I had my nephew come over so we could hang out and then go for a walk. It was a fun time! We ran around, threw rocks into water, laughed and ran around in dirt! Of course, he then got quiet. Apparently I wore him out and ended up carrying him most of the way home, but it was worth it {also attempted to give him a piggyback ride rather than just carrying him, but that didn't go well. He freaked out and basically flashed the neighbors on my behalf by grabbing my tank top. Thank you, Logan! haha!!}.

Sunny in Oregon

Well, for one day anyway, but I will take it!! Saturday was awesome! We hit about 68 degrees and I definitely was outside enjoying it! Of course, Sunday was cold and rainy, but we can't win all the time! :)


I had a really nice Easter. I had a blast with the kiddies in my Sunday school class an then loved seeing my friends during church. I love having  my church family around! They are pretty much awesome. After church we got together with Hubby's parents and his younger sister and her family. It was nice spending he afternoon with them. :) Later the Laker game came on and we were teaching our {almost 3 year old} nephew how to cheer for the Lakers {he has Smith blood in him afterall!}. He did awesome! He was standing up, cheering, and clapping! Cutest.thing.ever. {Lakers lost which equals unhappy Hubby, but don't worry babe! We'll get 'em next game!}.

How was your Easter weekend?

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