Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Wore

Okay, so my actual camera is still out of commission, so I apologize for the less than stellar photos that are to follow. Here is some of what I wore this past week! :)

Shoes & shirt-old navy Pants-Kohls, Hat-I won! Chic By Loren

 I decided that since the sun was shining I was going to get all "summery" 34 degree weather! Yikes! It was a cold morning, but the afternoon wasn't too bad.

Sweater-Ann Taylor Loft, Purple tank-Charlotte Russe $5, Boots & Pants-Kohls

 Jackie looked too stinkin' cute not to take a picture of her. And I am not sure why I grabbed the wall, but I was cracking myself up {must have been a belated caffeine jolt or something}!

Jacket-Nordstroms, Capris-Gap, Shoes-$5 clearance at Fred Meyer, Top-Romy's

 This is what I wore on Sunday {hence the name tag. Hi, my is "Teacher Natalie"...welcome to my classroom}. This was pretty bold for you see the patterned shirt?? Also, the jacket with the shirt was a bit out there for me since it contrasted the shirt rather than matching exactly. I really liked it. Although, not sure what everyone else thought. Regardless, it was my favorite outfit of the week. :)

What did you wear this past week?? :)
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