Monday, May 23, 2011

Misc. Monday

Good morning! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I did and now I am incredibly tired {but oh so thankful for coffee!!}!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


My Sunday school kids were too stinkin' cute this weekend! I was coloring with a bunch of the kids when one little boy turn and asked if everyone else at the table was an artist. We said no and he {while coloring seriously} said, "I was born an artist. I was also born with lots of hair." I about died laughing. Days like that make me remember why I love teaching that age. 


Saturday night we had our friends, Jackie & Travis, over for games and dinner. I was making chicken in this onion and paprika sauce. I timed everything perfectly! The rolls were finished when the chicken was! This is huge for me! After dishing up the the meal and placing it on the table, Jackie went and got the boys. The Hub's walks in and starts looking at what we were going to eat and says, "Is there no rice tonight?" I had completely forgot one of the main parts of the meal! I can't say I was surprised {or anyone else for that matter}. I always forget something when I cook. In the end the rice got made and it all turned out well, but next time I will try to remember to make everything that is needed.


Jackie and Travis just bought a house! We are so excited for them. We went over a couple time this weekend to help them rip stuff out while they are renovating the place. On Saturday everyone had a job. I had one too. I was the assistant to Travis. I handed him screwdrivers and "helped" him carry our ply board {that he could carry with one hand}. While the Hubs was using a sledgehammer taking out a wall and Jackie was attacking tile I was moving the ladder around. I can't say that I would have let me do much else either! :) I do lack serious skills in hand-eye coordination and overall experience with tools in general. haha!

Our Home

I love where we live. I think I mentioned this a little bit last week, but its true. I think we have had people over just about every night since we moved. Its nice that I can call our friends and they can pop on over for a little bit {or for brownies, which I am a pro at making...all ingredients included}. Its just a lot of fun being that close to everyone! :) I doubt it will ever get old...and if it does, we'll just lock the door that night! :) 

What did you do this weekend???
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