Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Good morning and welcome to Misc. Monday, where randomness rules!! :) I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend that has prepared you for the week!! :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


We are officially moved!! We are now Salemites! The  move went really well. We had lots of help and they did far more than I had expected. It was a pleasant was our foot board that some of the high school guys thought would be hilarious {and it was} to put it in our bed under the covers. Thanks guys!! :) But really, thank you to everyone who helped make this move super easy! :)


One of my friends who reads my blog asked me a while back how many shoes I have. I had no idea, so when we moved I decided to count and find out. After getting rid of ten pairs of shoes, I have forty pairs. This doesn't include flip flops, snow boots, or rain boots. This is either really sad or completely awesome {I am leaning towards awesome myself}, but I will leave that up to you! :)

Wall Decor

So, I have a bunch of stuff ready to be put on my walls, but I have been forever banned from using a hammer. Seriously. Anyone who knows me really well will not allow me to use a hammer {for hanging picture purposes, but I am assuming this my turn into hammers in general}. I have no clue how to properly {because I am assuming I use it incorrectly} use a level. When I hang pictures I end up with at least ten holes in the wall behind it. Good think the Hub's mom is coming over to help! She is a pro at hanging pictures! :) Thanks, Mom! :)


We have great friends, who were more than willing to drive down to Albany to come hang out with us, but I have to say its way more fun living close to them! My best friend and I have been able to just come over and hang out "just because" and not have it be a long thought out thing. Living five minutes away is kind of nice! Plus, our high school friends come over far more frequently. I am loving it!!

Okay, so I know this was all about moving, but that's pretty much all I did this weekend, so that I all I have to talk about! :) How was your weekend? What did you do?

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