Monday, June 13, 2011

Misc. Monday

Good morning, my friends! Welcome to another Monday morning! I hope that the day has started out fantastic...and sunny! We have rain here {yet again}, but its hopefully supposed to be sunny later this week. :)

 Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Those Kids

I know I tell you almost every week, but my Sunday school kiddos crack me the heck up! This week my quote comes from an adorable little girl named Natalie {great name, huh?}. She was sitting on the floor playing with some cars when she said, "did you know that chocolate milk comes from brown cows? Yeah, I've seen brown cows too." All of her little friends around here were like, "oooh!! Really?! That's sooo cool!!" Then one little guy asked, "but what happens when it runs out of milk?" Valid question little guy! Naturally, Natalie had an answer. She said, "well, you just put it back up in there {insert hand motions of lifting something back inside the udders}." Of course, after an explanation like that, there were no other questions. She had adequately answered them in the eyes of her friends. It was really cute and she was so sure of herself. :)

When Hubby's Gone

Ack! Let me just start this off by saying I am SO tired! When my hubby leaves for any length of time, I kinda freak out. Okay, not kinda {I can admit when I go "crazy"}. I stayed up until I couldn't keep my little peepers open any longer. I put on some movies and then just prayed I would fall asleep soon. Thankfully, he comes home on Wednesday. Unfortunately for my co-workers, I will be one tired little bookkeeper! When Hubby is gone, I realize just how much I am thankful for coffee. Trust me, its a lot! :)

A Little Tweak

We all know that I am probably the least graceful person around. Yesterday I was wearing my awesome blue heels with my new dress {pics to come on Wednesday}. Jackie and I went shopping for dressers and walked into a store that had tile for the entry way. My heel got caught on the grout and I wobbled, did the arms flailing thing, and tweaked my ankle. I laughed because two sales guys could see us from their desks as we walked in and I looked ridiculous! Talk about embarrassing!  The good news is that I didn't fall, which would have been worse since I was wearing a dress. :) The bad news is that my ankle still hurts. Sigh. Stinkin' grout.


Apparently when you say you will go out to "see" an item that was posted on craigslist, there is some unspoken rule that implies that if you "look" you "buy." I didn't know this. I found a dresser that I wanted to see because, although I had spent two hours staring at the picture, I just couldn't tell if I liked it. So, I called and we drove out to see it. When we got there I took a quick glance at it and said, "no, I don't really like this" and started walking back to the truck. The Hubs was laughing at me as we got in and were driving away. I was so confused. He just looked at me and said, "you're adorable." Normally, I would say in reply, "aww, thanks sweetheart!" but since I had no idea what I had done I asked, "why?" He then explained about going out to "see" something from Craigslist. Hmm...I think that maybe this "unspoken" rule should be "spoken" somewhere that way we "new to Craigslist" people have a clue about what we are doing! Haha! Oh well, I didn't like it so, I didn't buy it. Too bad because now I remain dresser-less.

How was your weekend? :)