Monday, June 20, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Its that time again...time for work, coffee, and...

The weekend killer

Migraines. Oh, how I despise thee. At least when this one hit {which I felt coming all week long} it waited until Sunday. Unfortunately, that meant that I missed church {slept through my alarm and then when I did get up, was sick to my stomach}, my girls, my Sunday school kids, and what looked like a really pretty day. Lucky for me, I have a fabulous hubby who takes care of me when I get the dreaded migraines. Woo for me!

I had a dream...

A dream to own a long dresser, not a tall one. A dream for a wood color close to matching the Hub's dresser. A dream to pay an arm, a leg, and foot. Dream accomplished and fulfilled! I finally found one! I had almost given up on Craigslist altogether because it seemed like no one wanted to get back with me {no idea why, I mean I'm a super fun girl after all!}. Pictures to come, I'm sure. I just wanted to share with you my excitement! The Hub's is excited as well. He has his dresser all to himself again and I emptied out the last box that needed unpacking in our room! :)


Is the place to be my friends! On Saturday I went to Ikea with my girlfriend, Jackie, and our friend, Porshla. They were looking for dressers {yeah, we moved at the same time and then both needed dressers...can you see why we would be best friends?}. We spent four glorious hours perusing, giggling, and just having a grand time together! Nothing beats a girls day, unless you are my hubby and we spend the day together {had to throw the disclaimer in there!}. :) It was a great day. :)

Father's Day

Happy belated Father's day to my Daddy {Randy-yo dog! What's up!!} and my Dad {in law, Bryant}! You guys are amazing men and I am so thankful for you both! And happy belated Father's day to all the other dad's out there! :)