Friday, June 03, 2011

What I'm Lovin'-Bedroom Edition

Since we have moved I have been itching to change our comforter. The Hubs would probably be saying, "again?!" if he was reading this {or when he does read it I guess I should say}. I have a thing for comforters. We have had, like, six in the seven years we have been married. :) Hehe. 

Flocked Floral Black/Cream

Zeus Comforter Set

Kenison Bed Set - Black/White

Perry Ellis Romance Floral

Are you seeing a trend? I get points for consistency right? I really like the black and white theme along with this pattern. It is super easy to add a pop of color that you can change on a whim without having to change your comforter {just don't tell the Hubs that though!}. 

What styles are you drawn to when it comes to bedding?