Monday, July 25, 2011

Misc. Monday

Good morning! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! And now onto...

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Last night a group of us drove up to Portland for a free Leeland concert

It was a lot of fun and pretty great concert. I think it would have helped if I knew more than one of their songs, but I still had fun! :) I think my favorite part was actually getting there. Car rides can be a lot of fun! :)

Sunday School

Yesterday was one of my last weeks as a Sunday school teacher and I had so much fun! :) I have been teaching at this church since we started attending {so almost 5 years} and have been teaching this age group since I was old enough to have my own class, so its kind of bitter sweet. I am going to miss teaching the little ones, but at the same time, something had to give. We are just super busy! :) The Hubs and I talked about it and decided that we each needed to give something up to free up some time and not be {for me} so stressed and just have a little time to relax. 
Days like yesterday make me think, "man, I am really going to miss this!" I had an adorable little girl {whom I love}come in, sit down, and start coloring with me and the other little girls.  She looked up at me at got the cutest look on her face and said, "I looove your shirt! Its sooo pretty!" Girl has great taste! It was pink and awesome in my opinion! haha! Later she had taken her name tag off and looked at the sticky side and started squealing and yelling, "oooh!! Look! It sparkles!!" Girl after my own heart! :) Too cute!

Slumber Party & Paddle Boats

Our nephew and niece are up visiting Oregon from California. We were lucky enough to be able to steal them from the Grandparents for the night on Saturday. We watched So You Think You Can Dance, colored, played the Wii, and watched a movie {throw some double stuff Oreos in there somewhere and you get the full picture}! :) It was a lot of fun. Those kids crack me up. I think their favorite part was their Uncle teaching them to "scuba dive" in the bath tub! It was fun watching them have to much fun! I think we have some future divers in our midst! :) On Sunday, after church, we went and picked up Grandma and went out to the little Lake in Albany and rented paddle boats. We raced, chilled, and sweat {eew!}! It was fun just messing around on the water with them. :) We don't get to see them often, so the times we do get with them are extra special.

New Color

I got my hair dyed on Saturday {thank you, Jackie!!} and I love it! I was ready  for my hair to be done, but this time we went dark. I haven't ever had my hair dark before. Its usually some shade of blonde or light red. This time around its dark and red. I like it a lot. 

Red Shoes

I have two new pairs now. Super excited! Just had to share. Pictures to come soon...because I KNOW you want to see 'em! ;)

What did you do this weekend??