Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Misc. Monday...err...Tuesday?

Why hello my friends! Welcome to Miscellany Monday...the Tuesday edition. :)

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


I have decided that summer is not conducive to consistent blogging. I get so caught up in everything that is going on {especially this month} and then forget to write a post. I have notes all over the place of things to post, but I keep running out of time. Thanks for sticking with me. :) You're the best...yeah, you! :)


The Hubs dove the Newport, OR aquarium this weekend with our friend, Keith, and brother in law, Tyler. It took, what seemed like forever, but turns out forever is about an hour and a half past the actual "dive" time. Yes, divers have their own time. :) It's always fun to see him diving, but the aquarium is extra fun because I get to say, "yeah, that's my man." hahaha! :) Seriously though {I did do that several times}, it was just a lot of fun to hang out with family and see everyone dive. It was especially fun to see my nephew get so excited to see his daddy and his Uncle Bubba dive with the "fast fish."


Last night I had the opportunity to go to Ikea with several people, but for one of the girls, it was her very first time there! We showed her all of Ikea and had so much fun! She even bought stuff {cute stuff} for her dorm room. I couldn't believe she hadn't ever been. She rated the trip a 9.8 out of ten. What kept the trip from being a perfect 10? The fact that they "screwed down the toilet seats so that I couldn't even pretend that I taking a dump." Oh yes, don't you wish you could have join us on our excursion? lol Next adventure we are taking her on is visiting Powells bookstore. Its huge and its amazing! :)


Seems like no matter what I do this summer, I just can't get away from camping! lol I am going camping again this weekend {and again in a couple weeks!}. We are taking our seniors for the weekend and are camping, hiking, and swimming. Did I mention s'mores? Oh yeah! There will be lots of that going on! :) I am excited! I think it will be a blast and a great way to end the summer with them and kick off the school year. :) 


I am gearing up for my California vacation {which apparently was put on the work calendar as "Europe," but that's not until later!}. I am really excited. I have lots to do at work before I leave, but I am looking forward to {crossing fingers} warm sunshine at the beach with my family! It will be a nice way to end my summer. Nice and relaxing. Plus, I get to see friends and family while I am down there! That is always a plus! :)

How was your weekend???