Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Wore

I would love to tell you to check out all the cute stuff I have worn in the past week, but either I forgot to take a picture of it or I just haven't worn much that I thought was cute in preparation for my vacation {gotta save the really cute outfits for that!}. So, this is the outfit that I threw together in less than five minutes and I am pretty happy with it. :)

Shoes-Platos Closet $6, Leggings & Skirt-Kohls, Jacket- Platos Closet $10, Shirt-Hand me down from Mom's closet, necklace- Lovely Afterthoughts

While its supposed to be really hot today, the office temperature won't be anywhere near as warm. In fact, it will probably freeze me out. Hence, the jacket. :) Hopefully this outfit will keep me both warm and cool enough!

What do you think? What did you wear this week?