Friday, August 12, 2011

What I'm Lovin'-Craft Room Edition

I call it my "craft room," but its really more of a craft "area" or...just my "craft table". Since I have limited space I wanted to make the most of it, but spend the least amount of money. So, last weekend while the Hubs was in Washington I finished unpacking the last two boxes in our home and went to work on my craft area. 


 this is actually mid looked much worse...ahem, I mean my crafting area is always nice and clean...mmmhmmm... ;)


 The bulletin board is almost finished. It will go above the bar on the wall. Its still drying.

 the bar and pink and black cups are from Ikea-bar $2.99 cups $0.99 each
ribbon clips-Ikea $4.99 pk/24

Everything else that I used I had in my house already. I did a lot of reorganizing. Now I am excited to work on jewelry, sewing, or card making. Its my own little piece of heaven! The best part is that I didn't have to spend very much money to get it how I wanted. Limited space, but not limited storage or organization! :)

Do you have a crafting area?? How have you organized it?