Monday, September 19, 2011

Good morning and welcome to Misc. Monday!


It felt like fall this weekend. It was fun to be able to whip out my new boots and wear them to my hearts content. Its even better because the weather is supposed to warm back up to "summer" weather this week. I am telling you, Oregon weather is stinkin' confused. It thinks that its still summer! I will take the sunshine for as long as I can...because the winter is long and dreary. So, yay for more sunshine!


Saturday was a really fun day. Although I had to leave the best friend {Jackie} behind, it was worth it and great! You see, her birthday is coming up and I had some shopping to do! I decided that her hubby needed some help picking out her gift {poor guy doesn't have a clue when it comes to gift shopping}. So, I called up another friend and the two of us took him shopping. I am sneaky though...I got him in the car and hit the road. He noticed that I was driving out of Salem and asked where we were going. I locked the car door and did my best evil laugh and told him that he had officially been kidnapped and that we were headed to Portland. Nothing but the best stores for my friend! In the end he was a trooper! We had him out shopping for 7 hours and I only had to feed him once! Oh, and project "birthday shopping" was a huge success!!


Since I had so much fun in Portland on Saturday and the Hubs actually had a Sunday off, I headed up to Portland with the Hubs and Jackie & Travis for some book shopping at Powells. Afterwards we had dinner and then met up with two of our students {and friends} for frozen yogurt. After that we went to the most amazing bowling alley ever. EVER! It had leather couches rather than chairs to sit it. It had the biggest t.v. screens, the nicest waitresses, and it was so pretty! We had a blast! It was a really great day and ended with a great night. We are so blessed to have such fun and amazing friends!

How was your weekend?