Monday, September 26, 2011

Misc. Monday

Ever feel like the weekend was just too short? Yup, totally there today. Welcome to another...


Its still really funny to me that the people here in Oregon get so excited about the rain. Sure, they enjoy the sunshine, but if it gets a bit warm facebook blows up with "its soooo hot!!" But give them rain and they perk up, get excited, and the boots come out! Yesterday {and today, no doubt} was a cozy day for dressing to be sure. Leggings, boots, and sweaters were out in full force {along with scarves} and they were beyond happy to be wearing them. Sometimes I think they put up with warmer weather, but live for the dreary rain. Its funny to me because, while I notice these things, I find myself thinking similarly now. I guess all it took was 5 years of me being out of California for me to be happy about the rain. Here I am, sitting with awesome boots, and checking the weather for tomorrow silently praying that I can wear them again! 


On Friday four of us went to see the new Ryan Gosling {oh yeeesss!} movie, Drive. It seemed like it would be another Fast & the Furious-ish kind of movie. It was not. It was gory. It was slow. There was not much "driving" in it at all. Oh, and the ending was terrible. The music was atrocious. I have never been so happy to have a free movie ticket in all my life! lol So, um, unless you are needing to torture someone for some unspeakable thing they have done to you...I would urge you {strongly} to avoid that movie. Why Ryan?? Why?


I don't know about you, but I love the Sing Off. I think Nick Lachey is the world's worst reality tv host, but the show itself is really good. This season the female judge is Sara Bareilles. She is super cute, super funny, oh and she was wearing the most fabulous red lipstick. I loved it so much that I went out and bought my own red lipstick. I have never worn red lipstick before, but my friend convinced me that I had to try it...and then she convinced me that it looked good and that she loved it! lol 

We had fun taking pics {albeit, sad ones} after I applied the red lipstick. :) What do you think? Have you ever worn red lipstick before??

Oh, and Happy Monday!! :)