Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Wore

Today's "fashion" picture is a bit sad and it my shirt's fault. So, I love this top because of the colors {hello, pink!}. The problem is that no matter what I pair it with, it still is unflattering. Why do I keep it? Because it has stripes and pink on it. I just can't help myself. So, now you should be throughly prepared for my picture. Are ya?? Oh, and as always, I have no idea how to stand! lol My co-worker, Melody, said to do something with my arms, so I creatively came up with this...and she said it was "sooo" me! haha! Apparently I walk around with my arms in weird and confused positions! lol

Top-Old Navy, Scarf-$3 at Gap, Jeans-Kohl's $6, Shoes-Payless $16.99

On another note, I made these earlier this week:

          Lovely Afterthoughts                                  Happy customer & Adorable model

My inspiration was the cute girl {above}, Porshla. Oh, and this picture we took while shopping for Jackie's birthday gift. She really wanted them, but because we weren't there shopping for ourselves {although, we did a little tiny bit of that} and she wanted to save money for the gift from her, we opted to taking a picture and seeing if I could make them or something similar for her. :)

Not too bad if I do say so myself {which I do because I am the one writing this post}! ;)
What do you think? Are you a feather jewelry fan?