Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love & Coats

Saturday night when I got home from church, my Hubby called me into our bedroom and pulled this out of a Kohl's bag! How adorable is that?! When his store first got them in he sent me a picture of it and said that he thought it would be perfect for me. I really liked it, but the full retail price is $220. Since my cap for just about anything I buy is $20...well, that just a little bit above that don't cha think? He liked the coat so much he put it on hold and there it has sat since they first got them in. Until Saturday. I guess there were lots of sales and discounts going on that brought the price down to something that we could afford. So, he picked it up and brought it home for me as a surprise. And I was!! :) I love it! It fits perfectly and is super adorable!! The best part is that he got a great deal on this little baby! $59.50 is not too shabby, 'eh?! 

Kohl's-Apt. 9

What type of coats are you in love with at the moment? What is something super sweet that your significant other has done for you?

Thank you sweetheart for a ridiculously amazing coat! :) I love you and it!