Monday, October 10, 2011

Misc. Monday

Good morning!! Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start!!

Birthday Lovin'

Today is my wonderful Hubby's birthday!! Woo!! I am a birthday lover...and a lover of the birthday boy! Nice how that worked out, huh?! He's pretty much the smartest,  most awesome man that I know. Lucky me!! :) Anyways, happy birthday, lover! I am lucky to have you. You are a fantastic husband, a perfect friend, and I am one lucky woman!! I am so glad that God blessed me with you, that you chose me the first time you saw me, and that you pursued me for so long even when people told you that you were crazy {you kinda were, but it worked out for me, so yay!!}! I love you so much and hope that your birthday is fantastic!!


If you know what that means without me explaining, you are awesome. If not, you are ok...hehe just kidding. I spent the weekend at Jackie's house while the hubs was out searching for octopus' while he was diving {found 4 huge ones apparently...glad I was a state away and on land!}. While I was there we whipped out a little Lord of the Rings action. Awww yeeah! I think I forgot how hot Legolas was. Don't worry, I got my Legolas fix in. That is one hot elf! :) Turns out that the hubs was glad he was diving. He really hates Legolas. Poor Hubby. It was wonderful for me though...six house of hot blonde elf-ness going on. That's a weekend well spent! :)


Apparently, tires go bald. I thought it was just a old man hair thing, but tires get it too. So sad. I had to replace two tires over the weekend. That was not how I wanted to spend my money, but everyone kept telling me I needed to, so to get them to be quiet {I do love you all, thanks for looking out for me and my safety...even when I try to ignore you} I went out, sucked it up, and bought them. To make it less painful, I only bought two. I can handle that a little bit better. I would have rather bought a coat than tires, but I guess I did the right thing. I hate spending money on vehicles. Don't you?!

How was your weekend?! I hope you had a great one...only four more days until the next one {we will just pretend today is almost finished, k?}!! Woo!