Monday, October 17, 2011

Misc. Monday!

Good foggy Monday morning {here at least}! I hope your weekend was pleasant and fun-filled!

Old Navy

I have decided that Old Navy is my friend, mostly because they had good deals this weekend. We typically have a love/hate relationship. I love it when the deals are great and hate it when they disappoint. On Friday I sent Jackie a text telling her I wanted hit Old Navy up this weekend. She asked me why and I responded with, "because they sent me an email!" Yes, those dumb promotion things work on me...every time! Anyway, they had a great sale. Their clearance was and extra 30% off and tons of other things were 75% off. Needless to say, I will have some great buys to show you later this week! :)

Silver Creek Falls

Saturday morning was chilly and overcast, so Jackie and I "geared up," grabbed her dog, and hit the trail. We went hiking on the trail at Silver Creek Falls and it was gorgeous! I was really excited about going back since the leaves are all changing and it was definitely worth it! It was so much fun. It was a nice to time just chatting, hiking, and enjoy the beauty that God created. Its times like those, when everything is quiet, and you are surrounded by nature that I am blown away by everything God made. Its breath-taking. We are going back when there is snow and I can't wait. It will definitely be worth any effort it takes to get there. 

Sunday Afternoons

I love Sunday afternoons. They are usually relaxing and just fun! :) This Sunday was particularly fun. I had a leaders meeting for the high school leaders and I normally dread them because they are repetitive, long, and kind of boring. Not the case this month. I actually found myself enjoying it. It was different, not repetitive, entertaining {some of those leaders are hilarious!}, and we actually got out on time! That in itself was impressive! :) Afterwards, Jackie and I bought hair dye and then went to Old Navy. Then we went back to her house and dyed my hair. Yay me! :) Then we watched a movie. It was relaxing and enjoyable.  I think that's how all Sundays should be. 

How was your weekend? What was the highlight for you?