Monday, October 24, 2011

Misc. Monday!

Good morning!! :) I hope your weekend was fabulous and that your week is starting out just as great!

Bauman Farms

This weekend I went to Bauman Farms for a fall fun filled Saturday. It was a blast! We went through the dark maze twice. The second time I went through I went with Porshla and we ended up getting separated from everything and ended up completely lost. After a while I finally told her that we were just going to sit down and wait for one of our peeps to find us. Unfortunately for me, I have no upper body strength to pull myself up on the tall hay bales. Luckily, Porsh is strong, but even luckier for us is that Travis found us just when Porsh was getting ready to boost me up! We ran through corn, walked through the pumpkin patch, swung on swings, and went through the apple tasting section that they have {um, yummy by the way}. It was lots of fun. I love going every year! 
PS-obstacle courses make a person sore...I can barely move today!

This is my picture with my hubby...since he couldn't join us because of work, I wanted him to know that we missed him :)


I know nothing about cars {huge surprise, I know}, but my friend Travis does. Saturday night he had to work on his car that was at our house. The last time I tried to "help" him I got to hold the light, but since I know nothing about cars I was shining it where I thought it he wanted me to, but it turns out that I didn't get even close. He basically fixed it in the dark and didn't have the heart to say anything to me. This time around on this car I said I would be "light girl" again and help, but that I needed direction. Even though he couldn't finish fixing the car because he had to order another part, he told me where to shine the light and he was able to see what he was working on. I think I just figured out my Halloween costume....Natalie is...light girl! Dun na na na!

Its a shorter miscellany Monday, but hey! I threw in pictures for you. :) Yay me! How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?