Monday, November 28, 2011

Misc. Monday

Good morning and welcome to another Monday! I hope that your Thanksgiving was fabulous and filled with lots of family and fun! :)


We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. It was a lot of fun just hanging out with family and friends. This year was also the very first time I have ever made a pie and let me tell you...I was quite impressed with me! haha! :) I wasn't really sure how my first attempt was going to go. Its me and I tend to not pay attention to directions and end up forgetting something important {like rice this one time when I was making chicken and rice...}, but it turned out really pretty, it tasted good, and no one died! I figure its a win-win-win! :)

Thanksgiving and Friday...its all a blurr

I am normally a HUGE black Friday shopper. This year, however, I wasn't. I had a migraine all of Thanksgiving and when it came time to leave my house to hit the stores, I just couldn't and didn't want to. I never thought I would utter those words, but I did. I needed to sleep and not be out in the cold and the rain. Plus, I had to work the whole day on Friday {typically we split the day into two shifts so that we work less hours that day}. We aren't really doing gifts this year anyway, so its probably best for our finances that I didn't go out and go shopping! :) Plus, I got to put my lights up at my desk {and my tree this morning!!}. :) Now my desk is happy.


I am officially allowed to listen to Christmas music at work now!! It makes me so happy! I would listen to it in October {and I typically do in my car at very least} at work, but we have a rule now, so I can't. I love using Pandora, so I have a couple Christmas stations set up for my listening pleasure. Do you like Christmas music??


I am still trying to convince the Hubs that we need to get a Christmas tree. He has told me no every year since we got married, but we end up getting one, so I am holding onto hope that we will get one again this year. Plus, I figure if we could fork out the dough when we lived in California, we can definitely fork out $15 for a tree here in Oregon...waaaay less expensive! :) Do you have a tree yet?

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you brave the crazies on black Friday?