Monday, April 09, 2012

Misc. Monday

Good morning and happy Monday!!!


Holidays and church with my hubby don't typically mix, but this year I was able to convince {actually, he was pretty great about it, all I had to do was ask} the Hubs to come to church with me yesterday. He typically dreads going on holidays, but goes all throughout the year when he doesn't get scheduled to work. We went to church and then headed on over to our friend's parents house. It was a lot of fun with amazing food! It was nice to spend the day with the Hubs and hang out with our friends. Oh, and the sun decided Easter was a great day to show its bright face, so that was an added bonus to the whole day! :)


Last week I kind of just threw out there that I have a new job without explaining anything. I was a bookkeeper for almost six years, but I didn't like what I did at all. Shortly before we left for Paris, I started sending out my resume to a couple of places that looked good. When we got back into the States I had a voicemail waiting for me to set up an interview. It was the first time that I had ever gone into an interview where I felt like I was completely myself and that they liked me for me, which was cool. I left the interview knowing that they liked me and would be calling me to set up a second interview. The second interview was with the person from interview number one and with the doctor. I was a little bit more nervous because I couldn't really read the doctor and I wasn't sure if he liked me or not. I was supposed to hear back over that weekend and would find out then if I got the job or not. They called me the next day! The job was mine! The really cool part for me was that they received 198 resumes in two days before taking the ad down and they narrowed it down their top twenty for interviews. Its kind of cool knowing that there were so many options and I am the one they chose...gave me the warm fuzzies! :) So, now I am the front desk receptionist at a podiatrist office and I really like it so far! :)

How was your weekend and Easter?!