Monday, April 16, 2012

Misc. Monday

Another week, another Monday. I hope yours is off to a fantastic start!!

Hello, spring!

The weather here has been dreary, wet, and gloomy. However, Saturday was gloriously beautiful! I had plans to meet my niece, Porshla, for coffee, but since it was gorgeous outside we decided to add a walk to our afternoon. As we were leaving my house the beach got brought up and we decided to take an afternoon jaunt to the beach! It was perfect there! We walked along the beach, sat and chatted, then hit up the outlet mall (because this is me we are talking about here!)! It was a great day with perfect weather, great conversation, and with the perfect person!
I love this girl!


Yep, again. Always. They suck. Welcome to every day of my life. The good news is I have a doctor's appointment at the end of this month. The bad news is that the last couple that I have had {several this week} have been bad ones. I missed church on Sunday because I had a migraine Saturday and it never went away. It woke me up at 3am and I was up until 6am before any of the prescriptions that I had kicked in. I am hoping that after I speak with my doctor that we will be able to figure out a new plan of action.

New Job

Have I mentioned that I really love my new job? I totally do! The people I work with are a lot of fun and make me laugh. I love what I do even at its craziest moments! On Thursday they were super sweet and gave me a card {with an Eiffel Tower on it...they know me well already!} and a gift card to Target. It was completely unexpected and the card was so nice! It completely made my day. I get asked a lot if I regret changing jobs at all and my answer is, no. I love where I am at and feel like its where I am supposed to be. I love that I feel so comfortable there and feel like I can be myself. I am definitely blessed.

How was your weekend?