Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trip to California

Jim and I came to California for my best friend's wedding (congrats Lauren). Jim stayed for just the weekend and then I took off to Pismo with my parents and was able to spend some time with Aunt Jerri and Uncle Dennis. I had a great time seeing family and friends. We are going to TRY to start coming to bakersfield twice a year if possible.
We are looking for a house to rent for now. Jim is going to go back to school next semester to finish up his AA and then work on his BA. We will be in Oregon at least until that is done. After that we are wanting to move back to Bakersfield. We really love Oregon and would miss a lot of things about it, but we still think of Bakersfield as "home."


an encourager said...

those are wonderful pictures! hey, this is the first time i've ever beat your mother-in-law to the punch! she always comments to your site before i do. now how did that happen? glad you guys had a blast!!!!

Natalie said...

lol you are so right...she has her grand babies here right blog doesn't rate that high! lol j/k. :)