Friday, September 12, 2008

Bako trip part 3

Linds & Me at church
Taylor & Lauren at the Hotel
Carolyn & me at lunch
Holly, me, & Linds @ Casa mexico
Me & Holly right before my flight
Me & Lauren saying goodbye at church

I was going to post a bunch of pics from the hotel with the Smith family, but we were all going to be posting the same pics! So, if you are wanting to see more pics check out Candi, Crystal, & Mom Smith's blog pages (they are linked on the right hand side of my blog page). They have a bunch up! feel free to leave comments here or on their pages...everyone loves to get comments! :)


HattonHome said...

cute pics, thanks for the update!! LOVE IT!!

Candi said...

What am I? Chop Liver? A 3 part series on your trip and I still didn't make it in?? I see how it is!! LOL. It was nice to see you even if you didn't see me. J/K Glad you got to come down.