Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great America-Halloween

the bus on the way home
Me & Jim
me & Allissa
one of the rides
Chelsea & Me

So, for those who don't know, Jim & I volunteer with the high school group at our church. Jim works with Sophomore guys and I work with freshman girls. For a VERY quick weekend we left on Halloween at like 10pm and started the drive to california with buses in tow. It was a looong night!! We got into California and went to Great Adventure, which is a theme park. It was fun...and rainy...and cold, but the kids had a blast. For a bunch of them it was the first "real" amusement park they had been too! I often forget the things that I take for granted growing up in California! We left the park that evening and headed off to a church where we stayed the night. Then we were up and on the road and back by Sunday evening! :)


HattonHome said...
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HattonHome said...

You are crazy - a good crazy of course though because looks like you had fun!! I'm sure it was worth it ~ funny how the kids never remember the tired & long drive part, they just remember a fun road trip & great amusement park fun! Nice to see that you are enjoying the time with "your girls" :-)