Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hostess with the Most (est)!

Since money is tight and I knew we couldn't buy everyone gifts this year for Christmas, I decided to make gifts for some family and my girlfriends. I finally got all my supplies in the mail and started making bookmarks. Its nice because they are super easy to make. I can watch a show with my hubby and still make them. My church's women's retreat is coming up next month (totally can't wait!!) and I am a table hostess this year. I am super excited! I decided that even though my job is technically to make sure we have drinks and such, I really wanted to make something for each of the ladies that sit at our table. So, I am making enough bookmarks for each of them! :) I hope they like them!! :) I am still waiting for the other bookmarks to come in from China, but I couldn't wait to get started with the ones I have now! :)

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HattonHome said...

Those are so super cute!! I wish I was going and at your table ~ those are so cute!! They will love them!!