Friday, November 20, 2009

Barn Partay!!!

There is a student from each class for the hotdog eating contest as well as the pie eating contest...Sophomore guy won!!

Getting ready and explaining the rules

me & Jackie, and Ariah

Me & Jackie!!

Our youth group had a barn party and it was so much fun...once Jim and I actually got there. We were lost for like an hour and then when we were trying to turn back around we had to go off road and I almost backed up into a ditch (thank goodness Jim is a good flagger...and have a billion % patience with me. I was stressed out!). We had some friends drive their car out to the street and we followed them to the barn. Thank goodness for that too!! We NEVER would have found it! After we got there I dragged my friend Jackie out the where the dancing was. She was my partner...I must say, I think country dancing is my thang! You don't have to be coordinated or graceful! Hooray for me because I am definitely neither of those! All in all it was a great night!!

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