Friday, November 20, 2009

Bauman Farms

me and the friends! ;)

The shells turned and attacked Jackie...we came to her rescue though! We girls stick together!

Aren't they a cute bunch?!

Car ride home...Summersby, Melissa, Kelsee, and me.

They are so cute! I just love them!

So, apparently Bauman Farms is one of the places to go when you live in Salem (or in Albany, as is the case for me). I hadn't ever even heard of it. Jackie (who is also a small group leader for the sophomore girls-and my friend!) and I decided to get our two small groups together for a fun trip...and we had a blast. I think our knees were all dead by the time we left because of all the crawling around we did. We went through the dark maze and every other obstacle course, jumpy thing, and ride that they had. They had a scavenger hunt, which we participated in. It was fun. It took us through the entire farm. When we first met at the church it was cold and pouring down rain (for those who live in California...not rain like you get...Oregon rain is just different! :) ). By the time we got to the farm the rain had stopped and we actually had to go back to the cars to take off our jackets! Talk about blessing from the Lord! We were totally able to enjoy our trip without being soaked to the bone! Thanks girlies for a great time!! :)

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