Thursday, April 15, 2010

Klutz Turned Graceful? Not A Chance!

Well, I survived my first scuba diving class. Barely. ;)

So, a couple of things I learned from my first night of scuba lessons:

1) The little tabby inserts inside the foot hole of your new fins, yeah, totally not supposed to keep those in when putting them on. You WILL get laughed at (also, kind of nice if you can pull them out yourself, rather than having to have an instructor do that for you. Sad, I know. I am just THAT weak.).

2) They tell you that you will be graceful underwater. Obviously none of them know me. I was kind of holding out hope that I might be graceful underwater since I am such a klutz on land. Nope. Just as klutzy underwater.

3) When going to the surface (which you are supposed to do SLOWLY) add only a little bit of air to your BC (that vest thing that you have to wear). If you don't you WILL shoot straight to the top!

4) No matter what the color is, wet suits are NOT cute.

5) If your mask is fogging up you are supposed to spit (yes, I was kinda grossed out) on the inside of your mask. If you spit like a girl you will get laughed at...even by your friends. :)

Wish me luck! Class #2 is tonight! :)
(pics to soon follow!)


HattonHome said...

WOW!! This totally made me laugh, and then I felt bad because I realized I must be laughing at you :( But... I think it's ok - I think that was the point, that you were laughing at yourself too, right? I sure hope so! Either way - thanks for the giggle and I'm glad you survived!!

Natalie said...

Its ok. :) I was laughing at myself too. :) I will have to tell you how I tried to "turn around" and how well that turned out! lol

Sarah said...

Oh this made me laugh!! Hope your second class goes a little better! :)

I'm coming by from the blog party. :)

RN Mama said...

Good luck with your classes! My boss travels all around the world on scuba diving adventures, and it always sound like so much fun:)

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

I love scuba diving! I've only been one time in Hawaii, but it was a great experience!

Good luck!

Rainey said...

Hahaha! I am a world class klutz too! However, I did not think it was possible to be a klutz underwater. Must attempt this sometime.

Here via 'Handbags and Handguns'!

Life Without Pink said...

Wow you went scuba diving?! Good for you. I can't even snorkel I have a fear of the water and what is underneath me!

Natalie said...

Well, right now I am just scuba diving in a certification is this weekend in Washington...we'll see how well I do. They told me about all the creatures in the water where we are going...not making me feel very comfortable. The only good part is that we are far enough inland from the ocean that sharks can't come eat me on my first trek out into the open water. :) I typically swim in the ocean (after I convince myself to get in it or my hubby throws me in) with my knees up to my chest. No dangling limbs for me! :)I like snorkeling, but I choke on the water! haha! That is NOT a skill I have mastered yet! ;)