Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Concrete and Flying Objects

I have come to the conclusion that my car is a magnet for flying objects and random road obstructions. Its a sad, sad fact.

I am not sure if I told you about my experience with an enormous piece of concrete that was in the middle of the lane I was driving in on the freeway. My hubby was in his truck in front of me and his truck cleared it, but because my car is lower (and cuter...its true...concrete hates cute vehicles. Who knew?!) I literally ran over it. Why didn't I move into the other lane? It was all coned off because of the construction they were doing on the freeway. All in all I was lucky they didn't just total my car. It cost over $4000 to repair.

So, now that my car is all put back together things just seem to shoot straight for me as I'm driving. Its insane! I was driving to bunco and this rock just came flying at me out of now where! Then two days ago I was driving home with the hubs and we ended up behind a big rig. There was traffic because of construction (should have been my first clue). The next thing I know the truck slams on its brakes and this metal "stick" (about a foot long) comes flying off the back end of the truck...straight at me. There were sparks flying and my first thought is "seriously?! I just got my car back!!". I swerve and thankfully got out of its way. It almost makes me paranoid to drive (or drive my vehicle). Maybe I should just drive someone else's car instead. Hmmm.... :)

Now, I am a paranoid (but still fast) driver. I am constantly looking for huge concrete obstructions and for flying objects. Unfortunately rocks are fast little guys and I can't get of the way of them. Shoot! I can't even see them coming. I think they should have a horn on them or something. That way a person can get a little bit of a warning prior to getting nailed. :) Just a thought.

So, rocks and other flying objects, please alert me before you hit me or just simply go around my vehicle. I know you love cute cars, but I promise, I won't hold it against you if you decide to hit a different car. Share the love... :)

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