Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just an Average Night

After I got home from my Mary Kay meeting last night (which was a lot of fun and very inspiring) I decided that I wanted to get into bed and use my laptop. My cord was all tangled up with my hubby's laptop cable. I (with no grace) one handedly tried to untangle the cords. Really it should have been quite simple since it wasn't that bad. I guess I probably should have just used two hands, but  apparently I really like a challenge.

I finally get it all untangled (and at this point I am clapping for myself in my head) and lay my laptop on my pillow so I can climb into bed. What happens next? I unplug the laptop. Umm...yeah. Never once did it cross my mind that this might have been the easiest way to do the untangling in the first place. As I am unplugging it I get confused (this happens a lot). I couldn't figure out why unplugging it felt, well, wrong. Then the light bulb turns on. My first thought is "Oh man, I hope Jim didn't just see that!" I start to plug it back in as fast as I can before he notices and as I look up he is shaking his head at me.

He didn't laugh at me nearly as hard as I think he was wanting to. Now he has yet another story of the silly things that I do that he gets to tell people about. At least when he married me he knew what he was getting himself into. Cable is not a necessity in our home. He has me to keep him entertained. :)



Summer said...

This post was so funny! I totally do stuff like that all the time and keep my hubby thinking what in the world least he has stories to tell :0)

Thanks for stopping by my blog....your blog is super cute as well....I am a new follower

Summer :0)

HattonHome said...

...And this is why we love you!!...