Friday, October 15, 2010

A Day Diving

For the Hub's birthday we went diving. I had my longest and deepest dives ever, plus any time I can dive with my hubby is a great time. :) It was all pretty fun and without real incident, but...

The salamander was out to get me. Don't be fooled just because it's small and kind of cute for a watery, lizardy looking thing. We were swimming around and Jim was pointing out all the fish (all 5 of them). Then we saw it at the bottom of the lake. It looked cute because it was small. Jim caught it (yeah...he's the man!) and put it in my hands. I looked at it and thought it had a cute little face and then I let it go...and it swam right at me!! 

If you didn't think one could shreik underwater, you are sadly mistaken. I could just imagine that little guy finding a way with it's little lizardy-self into my wet suit! Luckily for me, it decided there was something far more entertaining to do and it left me alone. I will say that when we got out of the water after that first dive, I had Jim check me and my wet suit...just in case. One can never be too cautious. Those water animals have a sick sense of humor :)

Here are some pics from out trip-above and below the water! :)
THE Salamander

I wrote this on a boat that was sunk :)
Me and the birthday boy
Me and Jim
Travis and Jackie
Just me :)
Me and Jackie
Dive buddies!
Me and the Hubs

I can't wait for our next dive trip!! :)

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