Friday, December 31, 2010

And the Panic Sets In

Getting ready for a two night trip to Seattle sounds fairly easy, right? Just throw a couple sweaters in the small suitcase (because its a weekend trip after all), some jeans, and the necessities and call it good. Um, yeah, it totally didn't happen that way. I should have known better. This is me we are talking about here.

I grabbed the small suitcase because I was determined to be a "normal" girl who could pack the small one for a short trip. I tried. I really did. I put in the first sweater and realized that it took up, literally, half of the suitcase. I knew right then I was in trouble. I threw in the next sweater and my pj's and just about had a panic attack (yes, only I would completely freak out because of a stupid idea for a stupid suitcase. I mean who wants to be normal anyways?!). I realized that I wouldn't be able to fit the rest of the stuff I had to bring in there. No amount of sitting on the suitcase would have gotten it closed.

Typically I would have spoken with Jim about my self created dilemma, but he was working. I thought about sending a text to my girlfriend, Jackie, (she would understand, I was certain), but it was after 10pm and she goes to bed early most, I sent a text to her hubby instead.

 I explained that I was planning on texting his wife, but was sure she would be asleep. Without giving him a chance to respond I sent him three more texts. I didn't even adjust it knowing I was sending it to a guy. Nope. I sent it like I was talking to his wife. It went something like this (I say "something" like I am guessing, but this is literally what I sent), "Ahhh! I can't fit my clothes in the small suitcase! :( I am re-packing everything in the big suitcase... I know we are only going to be gone two nights, but a girl has to bring multiple pairs of shoes!!"

He played along and thought it was pretty funny that I would send him a text about my packing difficulties. Come to find out, Jackie was actually up and sitting next to him when he got my text and it had them both laughing! He encouraged me to bring my big suitcase, which I did. Thank goodness for that too! I would NEVER have been able to fit everything in that little thing! :)

Are you a light packer or a heavy packer?

Have a happy and safe New Years!!