Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Welcome to another Awkward and Awesome...I love Thursdays! :)


~My "look" after 12 hours in the car...not pretty my friends, not pretty.

~Ants. When I see one I feel like I have creepy crawlies on me all day!

~The Lakers losing {sorry, love}. Its a sad, sad time in the Smith household.

~Totally freaking the heck out {with wild arm movements} because I thought there was a bug. The Hubs moved really quick and I had visions of last week's spider in my head and started convulsing and trying to move out of the bug's way. Yeah, there was no bug.

~This also reminds me about Tuesday. I was with some friends and we were walking to the car getting ready to leave for dinner, when I felt like there was a bug on my ear. I started swatting at my ear while spinning in a circles making little squealing noises. My friend Travis just stared at me. Poor guy had no idea what he was seeing!

I am seeing a pattern this week. Bug and I apparently do not mix! :)


~Seeing my cousin look AMAZING at her wedding!

~The new show The, LOVE IT!

~Someone telling me my arms look tan{ner}...for me any amount of tan is a plus.

~The new Adele CD. I can't get her songs out of my head! :)

~My new sunglasses {I'll have to take pics!}

~Moving TOMORROW!! Kind of excited!! :)

~All of the kind and encouraging words from friends and family this week after the not so nice one from someone. :) Made my day. :)

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