Thursday, June 02, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!

Hallelujah that the week is almost finished! For a short week it sure has been long! I've got a nice long list for you today! :)


~Having no lock on your bathroom door. Basically this means that every time someone needs to use the restroom they have to announce it to everyone in the house so that they don't get walked in on...not that it works all the time. Wish you were here, don't cha?! :)

~Walking down the hall, turning the corner, and running straight into the wall. Then, not thinking that anyone saw, casually making your way into the living room to have not one, but three different people comment on the wall "jumping" out in front of you. Happens to me all the time. Walls hate me!

~Buying a new door knob with a lock and deciding that you, the person who probably doesn't know the tip side of a screw driver, are going to install the thing by your self. You come home, say hi to everyone, and set the tool box down to get to work. After getting the door knobs off, you then attempt to get the deadlatch thing {yes, I looked up a diagram...see...} out of the stinkin' door. 

Then everyone hears you digging around in the tool box to find something to pry that puppy out and when they ask what you are doing you reply, "putting in the new door knob." What is their response? Laughter. Laughter! Like its the funniest thing they have ever heard! Granted there is merit to their laughter, since I am no longer allowed to wield a hammer, but still. All in all {and with a little help} the new door knob is in! :)

~Saying quite loudly that you lost your shoe while sitting at your desk at work, only to realize that it was still under your was just camouflaged by the darkness. I have Cinderella syndrome, what can I say?


~Having five friends stay at the house {hence, awkward post #1}

~A new door knob with a lock on it! Now people can pee in peace! Chalk one up for for the Smith household! We take care of our guests!

~Having friends decide on a whim to drive up from California for a couple of days :)

~Showing a friend the awesomeness that is clearance shopping at Old Navy!

~Having one of the graduating seniors tell you that she looks up to you because she likes your clothing style and that you inspire her fashion sense...awww!!! Love that girl!

~This same girl also said that she is inspired by you and another person's blog{s} and is going to start her own! So stinkin' sweet! Definitely made my night!! :) Thanks, Nikki!!! :)

~The senior class has officially "graduated" from youth group! Love those guys! This is awesome and sad at the same time!!

~My girls are now "officially" seniors! Let the chaos and craziness begin!

~Celebrating 7 years last Sunday with my lover and best friend! This is one lucky wife!! :)

~This ring that the Hubs got me for our anniversary!! Isn't it pretty?? :)

Go ahead...share those awkward and awesome's! I wanna hear 'em! :)

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