Thursday, June 09, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

It's that time! Time for...


~Buying a bright yellow trench {because its stinkin' awesome...see below}, walking into work and having a co-worker comment that its really bright. You reply, "yep! I love it!" To which your co-worker replied, "someone wants attention." Awkward and hurtful. I can't help that the bright colors call to me and that I wear them. It doesn't mean that I am wanting attention...just that I love bright colors.

~Painting a room with a couple of people while wearing your hubby's painter's whites {rolled up into Capri's, wearing white flip flops and a white top...doesn't really pertain to my story, but hey, I think I pulled the look off}. In the middle of rolling paint on the wall you burst into laughter. You turn around to share what was so funny to find your friends staring at you like you have lost your mind or inhaled far too many paint fumes. While holding the roller in your hand you tell them that you need to take a picture or yourself and make the caption say, "this is how I roll." Let's just say that you laughed far more than they did. 

~The dentist. I love my dentist, but this week he is on my "list." I went in on Tuesday. I guess when I broke my tooth with an almond, {skills, baby} I broke it all the way down to the nerve. So, they ended up having to do a root canal. No biggie. I just pop my headphones on and listen to music and partially fall asleep. Having worn braces for 81/2 years going to the dentist or orthodontist doesn't phase me. Until Tuesday. My doctor was dead set on getting everything finished on that tooth so that I wouldn't haven't to come back until I was ready to put the crown in. Normally, this would sound like a great idea...and it would have been...if I was still numb. I wasn't. He knew I wasn't and carried on anyway. I didn't want to stop him because I knew we were almost finished and that if I did it would only prolong my time in that chair. So, I stayed put. And cried a little. And then when they asked if I was scheduling another appointment, I told them "no" and walked out. Then I did what any normal girl would. I called my hubby and as soon as he answered I started bawling. No dentist for me for a bit. 


~Hitting the coast/outlet mall with your best friend and finding some cute stuff and then getting frozen yogurt because you had a terrible trip to the dentist...and it was pretty much all you could eat without crying.

~My yellow trench 

~My fabulous hubby. He's just awesome. He also takes care of me when I am sick, like last night.

~Date night with the Hubs. He took me to the book store {LOVE} and let me buy anything. Anything! I got lots of books. :)And he paid for it with his scuba money because he loves me more than scuba. :) Then we went out to dinner at Applebees, which is our place. I am a creature of habit and I love that place! :) This is one happy girl! 

~Being off work on Tuesday because of new computer servers going in at work. Woo!

~Dinner with the family at our house tomorrow. 

~Frozen yogurt dates with friends.

~Today is my Daddy's birthday!! Super awesome!!

How about you? What are your awesome and awkwards this week??