Thursday, July 28, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

It's that time....


~Getting my hair done...the whole "in process" look isn't that appealing...the things we do for pretty hair! :)

~Almost hitting a HUGE bird that was in the middle of a road pickin' at some road kill. I didn't slow down because 1-its a bird and it could easily fly out of the way and 2-I thought it would move quicker than I was once it saw me coming...yeah, totally didn't happen. I had to swerve and still almost nailed that bird! Not sure who would have or the bird. Knowing my luck, the bird.

~I had been texting with my friend, Jackie, for a while when we had this conversation:

Jackie: Ok I will try to be at your house around nine. Does that sound good?
Me: Sure! That works! :) hooray! :) I am excited for our date! :) Did you ever find your phone?
Me: Crap. Duh, of course you're texting me...umm...haha. Just kidding...?gotcha.hee

Can we just say that I am an idiot? At least I figured out that, yes, she did indeed find her phone since she had been texting me for like 20 minutes before she had to tell me that herself. Its the small victories with me, folks.

~Realizing that when at my desk at work I make lots of little noises and remarks throughout the day. If I mis-type something you might hear me squeak with an added "oh shoot!" in there somewhere, random laughing because let's face it-I crack myself the heck on up! I also have several kinds of "sighs"-the frustrated sigh, the irritated sigh, the bored sigh, the tired sigh, and my "French" sigh, which isn't an actual "sound," but me saying "Le sigh." I yell "ouch!" a lot too since I tend to ram my knee into the corner of my desk. :) Oh, and did I mention that I sing all day long? It's true. Don't you wish you worked with me? haha!

~If you can't safely have a child on your shoulders-don't do it. Almost dropping them and then laughing is not okay. This was the scene before me as I drove home for lunch last Friday.

~Picking Jackie up for our shopping date {as per our convo above} and making it not very far when we run out of gas {imagine us driving up a hill and the car dying and us not taking a hint and continuing to drive and say, "hmm...I think something might be wrong"} the middle of a country road where cars like to drive fast. We call her hubby, Travis, because we know he'll save us, but he doesn't answer his phone. While Jackie is calling him, I am texting him. We figure between the two of us we've got it covered. Nothing. A whole lot of nothing except some "epic fail" text messages awaiting him in his inbox. We finally give up on Travis and take matters into our own hands. We call AAA. They ask all the normal questions and then ask, "are you safely to the side of the road?" to which I reply by {almost} hysterically laughing, "no, we most certainly are not! We are in the middle of the road. You can't miss us." I have to say the dispatch guy did not find our situation nearly as comical as I did. He put us on the "priority" list, which ended up feeling like the "regular" list since we were out there for an hour. Finally some nice man came and moved my car for us. AAA showed up, we got gas, and headed to Old Navy, made it there with 15 minutes before the sale ended, only for us to try on one swim suit each that we didn't buy. It was a sad walk of shame out of the store and an epic fail on Old Navy's end for horrible clearance items. It was quite disappointing and a waste of two hours to get to Old Navy for us to buy absolutely nothing. Shame on you Old Navy.


~My hair after Jackie finished working her magic! I've never gone dark before. I have this thing for blonde hair {hmmm...explains a little more about my blog title, huh?}, so I have always gone light even when adding red. So, this is new for me, but I am loving it! :)

~Postponed date night with the hubs from last week actually happening this week!

~Spending quality time and conversation with the bestie while waiting for AAA to show up

~Finding another store that loved us more than Old Navy and actually had stuff for great prices that we were able to purchase

~Hearing about all the AWESOME things that God did in our students at camp last night at youth group

~Having your best friend show up at your house to go to church and realize that you are both wearing white dresses {because we can read each others minds...or we both had white dresses that we decided needed to be worn and it happened to be on the the same day...which ever you prefer}

~Seeing Fast & the Furious 5 with friends tonight...Vin and The Rock have missed me terribly....don't worry boys! I'll be seeing you tonight! :)

~Captain America-pretty awesome!

Okay, spill! What are you awesome and awkwards from this week? I had a ton, but it made the week more interesting! :)