Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Its that time of the week again! Are you ready?!


~Before we left on our vacation we loaded up the truck...and it was full. Not full of suitcases mind you, but scuba tanks and gear. It was so full in fact that you couldn't see out of the back. Normally this wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that we had to back up out of the drive way. I was going to start the trip off by driving, so I put the truck in reverse...and ended up backing up the dirt mound near our house. I pulled forward and the Hubs decided to give it a go. After we switched and he was starting to back up he said, "let me show you how its done." Right after he finished his sentence you heard a loud "crunch!" I just said, "oh, Jim." I knew what happened. He backed right into the side of my car. My.Car. I was crushed {as was my car}. Travis happened to be over, so we had him come look at it, only to find out that there really wasn't much that we could do. Let me tell you, that was not the way we wanted to start our vacation.

~Driving down the road and not noticing the guy in the car next to you who is flagging you down trying to get your attention, only to have Travis point it out after he has stared the guy down {he takes his job in the absence of the Hubs very seriously}. To say I am oblivious is a complete understatement.

~The makeup and perfume section in department stores. Its like they are trying to kill us one scent at a time.

~Looking for a watch and needing to have a case opened. So, you ask someone who works there and they tell you they can't help you, but they will find someone who can. You stand there awkwardly {there are only so many times you can "look" at the stuff in the case without it being weird} for a long time and still no one comes or says anything to you. After you decide it really isn't worth waiting for and walk away does the person you talk to follow you around just to ask if you were done waiting. Apparently, stalking is the new way to get sales.

~Knowing that you did waaaay more awkward things in the past week and not being able to recall them.


~Getting to spend some time with my senior girls. I have missed them!
~Sleeping in on Sunday morning because I don't have to be there early anymore! :)
~Having great friends to hang out with.
~Selling the second item out of my etsy shop...its the small things in life!
~Inviting friends over for dinner and having them decide that they want to cook dinner for us instead!
~The new Mario game for the Wii! Its amazing and I am totally addicted!
~Looking at places to stay, museums, and metro passes for our trip to Paris!!
~Bible study starting back up tonight! Love those ladies!!

What are some of your awkward and awesome events of this week?