Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awkward & Awesome!

Why hello and welcome to another...


~Trying to turn on your car while its actually already on...just makes for weird noises...

~ Receiving an adorable picture of your friend's son and verbally saying "aww!" and then clicking send...and sending her a blank text as your reply.

~Having your hubby hand you cash to hang on to, but you don't have any you stick it in your bra {at church} and just pray that no one saw.

~Calling patients to remind them of their appointments and having to repeat yourself four times {each time yelling louder} and the cute older people still not able to hear you!


~Getting a sweet card and gift card from my work, just because :)

~Going to the beach on the only sunny day we have had in a while with someone special

~Getting an awesome pair of jeans on clearance for $14.99 from Gap {pics next week}! :)

~Plums, grapes, and oranges...mmm...soo good!

~Smash, The Voice, Bones, Glee, and New Girl...:) Love it!

~Going to bible study with my hubby and the sophomores at our church

~Listening to some of our senior girls speak at youth group and rocking it out!

What are your awkward & awesomes this week?! Do tell!