Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Style Geek

While in California I was lucky enough to meet one of my favorite bloggers, Jenn from TheStyleGeek.com. Her blog is one of the very first blogs that I came across when I first got into blogging. Her blog inspired me and helped me to figure out what the heck I was doing. Plus, she is stinking adorable! She knows how to dress, but also has great tips for just about everything!

Since then we have kept in touch through each others blogs and email. We keep each other updated on the goings on of our lives as well as pray for each other. Its been so much fun cultivating a friendship with someone that I have never met, but that I have things in common with.

When I asked her to guest post for me she asked where I was going and we realized that I was going to be nearby and decided that it was past time we met! Since her blog is partially about fashion and since I blog about clothes I felt a lot of pressure {that I put on myself} to make sure I looked cute. I mean, I was meeting Jenn after all! :) Since I was at the coast I was able to wear my boots {that I love!}.

 We met for dinner and had a great time getting to know each other in real life. It didn't feel weird or uncomfortable. The conversation flowed. I got to know her heart more and let me tell you, she is one amazing person. I am blessed to know her in the blog world and in real life. 

Have you ever met any bloggers that you've found online in real life? What is your favorite go-to blog? I love finding new blogs to read...so let's share! :)